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Cuckoo clocks made by Anton Schneider

Published: 04/03/2013

Cuckoo Clock by Anton SchneiderTriberg in the Black Forest is known for Germany’s largest waterfalls, historic churches and the Black Forest Museum. Most importantly, it is famous for its’ extensive variety of Black Forest cuckoo clocks. The most famous of the cuckoo clocks are crafted by Anton Schneider. As a matter of fact, Black Forest clocks are almost synonymous with Anton Schneider cuckoo clocks.

Now in its’ sixth generation the Anton Schneider cuckoo clocks began in a tiny farmhouse in 1848. Over the generations Anton Schneider has become the most coveted of all the cuckoo
clocks sought by collectors. Most of the craftsmen working in the Anton Schneider Company have been employed for twenty to forty years. Each worker has special qualifications. The excellence of quality and rareness brought to the cuckoo
clocks by the craftsmen has made the Anton Schneider
brand renowned throughout the world.

Even though Anton Schneider started by making its cuckoo clocks in a farmhouse today it has some
of the most modern clocks available in the Black Forest clocks arena. There are over 300 different designs for a wide selection of these desirable clocks. Amazingly, the cuckoo clocks also come in a
vast array of sizes from 7 to 118 inches. With a selection of cuckoo clocks holding the old world charm
with a modern cutting-edge it isn’t surprising that Anton Schneider is the name buyers gravitate to for
the most outstanding cuckoo clocks. There is definitely a clock for every person’s taste.

For six generation Anton Schneider has been the cuckoo clock most coveted by collectors. Whether visiting Triberg or other destinations famous for Black Forest clocks, enthusiasts gravitate to the Anton Schneider brand of quality, authenticity, elegance, and beauty.

Choosing cuckoo clocks made by Trenkle

Published: 03/20/2013

Cuckoo Clock by TrenkleChoosing from the many quartz cuckoo clocks made by Trenkle is harder than you might think because there are so many great options available. Trenkle cuckoo clocks are well known around the world as being the original German Black Forest clock and a brand that makes some of the best quality quartz cuckoo clocks. Shopping for these beautiful Trenkle cuckoo clocks then becomes a matter of picking the one that you prefer, because they are all equally well made.

If you are currently looking for quality quartz cuckoo clocks you can be sure that Trenkle cuckoo clocks because the company has thirty years of experience behind them. A full line of clocks are available, but the design is very traditional for the most part because of their original German Black Forest clock face. The first thing that you need to know about Trenkle cuckoo clocks is that they are all quartz cuckoo clocks, so if you are looking for another style you probably will not find it from this brand.

Choose your Trenkle cuckoo clocks according to the design that each one is given. Each of these quartz cuckoo clocks is meticulously made and even more carefully decorated with ornate wood carvings and simple embellishments. Even though each of the quartz cuckoo clocks is made in the same way, Trenkle cuckoo clocks are always unique and special.

Carved cuckoo clocks

Published: 03/06/2013

Cuckoo Clock by Rombach & HaasCarved cuckoo clocks are a great investment that will last for years.
A carved cuckoo clock will be cherished for years to come. When looking to purchase a carved cuckoo clock, there are two factors to consider.

The first factor is the design of handcarved cuckoo clocks. These beautiful cuckoo clocks come in two different styles in shops near Germany’s Black Forest. The first style of carved cuckoo clocks is the chalet style. These clocks feature the shape of a home. They can look like a chalet, an alpine house, a timbered house or a typical Black forest house.

The second style of carved cuckoo clocks is the traditionally carved cuckoo clock that shows a scene from nature. Carved cuckoo clocks are available featuring birds, deer, eagles and owls. Look for a clock produced in a workshop that has been in business for years like Rombach and Haas, Hoenes Clocks and Hekas Uhren.

The second factor to consider is the cuckoo. After all, it is what makes the carved cuckoo clock unique. When the finer clock makers like Rombach and Haas, Hoenes Clocks and Hekas Uhren produce their clocks they do not rely on electronics or tapes. Instead, they depend on two bellows moving to create the sound. The first bellow produces the cu sound, while the second part produces the ckoo sound.

Make sure when buying an original German Black Forest carved cuckoo clocks that it comes with a VDS certificate of Authenticity. The VDS certificate of Authenticity guarantees that your clock is an original.


Published: 02/20/2013

Cuckoo clock by Anton SchneiderCongratulations on your new Black Forest cuckoo clock.
The cuckoo clock shop carefully packaged your clock. Make certain your cuckoo clocks box is placed top up on a table before unpacking. Take out the top items, such as pine cone weights, then remove the foam covering, then remove the clock.

Black forest clocks include various supplied parts, depending upon the design and the model. Your cuckoo clock shop packed these parts separately. Place the various parts upon your work table.

Remove the back of the clock

To remove the clocks back, insert a pen or pencil into the bottom hole and lever the pen beneath the covers lower side and lift the bottom cover off the Black Forest clocks inner workings. Remove the paper strip from the back cover.

Disengage the cuckoo clocks security clamps

The cuckoo clocks security clamps are located on both sides of the inner clock workings and are tagged Pull. Reach inside the clock and gently pull each clamp off and out. Replace the cuckoo clocks back with the hole positioned at the bottom of the clock, upside down.

Assembling the front of your clock

Turn the clock face up on the table. If you have a deer head, secure the head between the oak leaves with the small screw supplied by your cuckoo clock shop. Gently push both antlers into the deer head. Refer the cuckoo clock shop instruction sheet for assembly of any additional parts, for instance, the bell-shaped sound cup. The sound cup, like the antlers, is gently pressed into position. Now, attach the deer head appendage onto the very top of the clock by sliding the entire piece down into the grooved fittings.

Hanging your clock

The cuckoo clock shop recommends you hang your clock approximately 6.5 feet from the floor. Place your clock on the nail in a balanced position. Look beneath the clock. Unfasten and open the small parcel found there. This will enable the chains to hang without hindrance. Now remove the wire that
was used for transport purposes only. The weights and the pendulum can now be fitted.
Attach the pendulum onto the hanging key towards the back of the bottom of the clock. Attach the pine cones to the hooks in front of the pendulum key. Open the bar enclosing the cuckoo’s little house.


Your cuckoo clocks start and stop lever is either on the side panel, or the bottom. Slide side levers up and pull bottom levers down. This regulates the cuckoo’s call. To set the time, turn the cuckoo clocks long hand clockwise into position, then flick the pendulum to get it moving back and forth.  To set the time exactly, remove the pendulum from its hook. The cuckoo clock shop created pendulum leaf to slide up and down. If time is running too fast, slide the pendulum leaf down. If time is too slow, slide the leaf up. Adjustments for accuracy might have to be made over a few days.

Black Forest Clocks

Published: 02/06/2013

Black Forest clocks acuckoo clock by Rombach & Haachre handcrafted in Germany and are known the world over for fine workmanship and reliable performance. Cuckoo clocks made in the Black Forest cities Schonach and Triberg are characterized by detailed hand woodcarving and mechanical movements that must be wound in order for the clock to continue working. Genuine Black Forest cuckoo clocks have either a 1-day mechanical movement that needs to be wound every day, or an 8-day movement that needs winding every week.

Original Black Forest Clocks were first made between 1740 and 1750, and the conventional design has changed little since that time. Renowned clock manufacturers such as Anton Schneider, Hoenes and Hekas Uhren have been officially certified by the Black Forest Clock Association, or VDS. Certification assures the consumer that a Black Forest clock from these companies is a genuine Black Forest creation and that the clock and mechanism have been produced in the Black Forest region. The certification indicates an original Black Forest clock that has been carefully handcrafted using traditional methods and is of the highest quality.

Genuine Black Forest cuckoo clock designs include chalet-style clocks with Alpine, Tudor or Black Forest Germany houses that can incorporate carved animals, dancers or wood choppers. Traditionally carved styles of Black Forest clocks feature detailed hand-carved nature or hunting scenes with birds, leaves or deer. Most Black Forest clocks are carved from the Linden tree, native to the Black Forest region, although maple is also used occasionally.

Prices for genuine Black Forest cuckoo clocks can vary by factors such as clock size, intricacy of hand carvings or hand painting, the musical tones, or whether the clock offers an automatic or manual nightly shut-off feature.

An original Black Forest clock is a distinctive and authentic creation handcrafted to precise standards of German engineering and a beautiful timepiece that will last for generations to come.

Carved-style cuckoo clock by Hekas

Published: 01/23/2013

Cuckoo Clock by HekasThis original German carved cuckoo clock is created from Black Forest wood. The clock has been created in the shape of a traditional chalet house with a roof. The border of the clock has gorgeous carved details. It has a hand-carved highly detailed bird at the top of the roof. In addition, it features large carved leaves with hand-painted pink-toned flowers with painted green stems and leaves. This Black Forest cuckoo clock measures nine inches by seven inches or 23 centimeters by 17 centimeters. The weight is less than five pounds
or two kilograms. It has a one-day movement mechanism.

Moving elements of this cuckoo clock are the beautiful hanging pendulums and the hand-carved and hand-painted cuckoo bird. The cuckoo bird makes it’s call each full hour and half- hour. A great extra feature is the manual night shut-off, which prevents the cuckoo call with a simple lever. The easy to read clock dial is also carved wood with painted white numbers. This variety of 100 percent Black Forest hand-carved clock does not play music.

When ordering this clock, it will arrive with a certificate from The Black Forest Clock Association, stating it is an authentic, high-quality, mechanical clock from the Black Forest region of Germany. This hand-crafted clock is created by Hekas and is available from the Cuckoo Palace. Hekas has been creating cuckoo clocks since 1938. Hekas was started by Helmut Kammerer, and now is operated by third-generation members of his family. They guarantee that each clock meets their high standards of inspection before it is sold.

Amazing Carved Style Cuckoo Clock

Published: 01/09/2013

cuckoo clock by Anton SchneiderThis clock is a cuckoo clock in the carved style. Lovely broad
leaves fan out around the clock face. On top of the clock, a small
bird spreads its wings towards the sky. Below the clock, two large
pine cones hang down. All of these are carved from rich, handsome wood. The wood is mostly left unpainted to allow the natural beauty of the grain to show through. The face of the clock is also made
from wood and is painted with gold Roman numerals. Even the clock hands are made of wood. Above the clock face is a small bird painted in white and green. The clock sounds every hour and half-hour.
It does not play music.

Cuckoo clocks did not originate in the Black Forest of southwest Germany, but that region is where their manufacture was perfected. The Black Forest is an area of rolling hills, towering trees and picturesque villages. Today, tourists travel to the Black Forest to enjoy its beauty and to purchase a cuckoo clock, the most famous export of the region. German experts continue to hand-craft cuckoo clocks from a variety of woods. There are many types of cuckoo clocks, including chalet-style clocks, carved-style clocks and shield clocks. Newer, more modern types of cuckoo clocks are being produced as well. However, traditional cuckoo clocks remain the most popular. The rich materials and whimsicality of cuckoo clocks combine to yield their undeniable and unique charm.

Cuckoo Clocks by Hekas

Published: 12/26/2012

Cuckoo clock by HekasIf you’re looking for a fun and decorative cuckoo clock
that will make a lasting impression in your home, the 1-day-movement Chalet-Style clock by Hekas is the perfect match for you.

This clock features traditional clockwork movement. The “1-day-movement” function means that the clock requires winding each day by pulling the chains. The dimensions
are 10″ x 11″, which is a very convenient size allowing for
easy placement in any living space.

The clock itself is manufactured from high quality wood with the finest of detail and subtlety. The cuckoo bird pops out of the front door of his cozy log home. Perched on the front porch is a happy St. Bernard carrying a small barrel of brandy to revive skiers stranded in the snow. A water pump, fire wood and holly, complete the expertly crafted decor, and a glossy finish provides the clock with beauty and durability.

This clock and similar cuckoo clocks are VDS certified, which means they are guaranteed to feature traditional mechanical clockwork created in Black Forest of Southern Germany.

Cuckoo clocks are truly a work of art. In this modern era of digital software and super computers,
many people opt for battery powered and electronic clocks. They’re missing out on the splendor and complexities of a well made mechanical clock. Such masterpieces are a great investment because
they can remain in a family for years to be steeped in history. A beautiful cuckoo clock will also make
a great gift to someone special in your life.

Chalet Cuckoo Clock: A Touch of Classic Beauty

Published: 12/19/2012

Cuckoo Clock by TrenkleIn a world of cell phones and electronic everything, one might believe that the sounds and quiet comforts of yesterday are gone forever. However, there are is a way to bring the beauty and peacefulness of a world before internet alive at home. The chalet cuckoo clock – 31cm by Trenkle Uhren is crafted by hand and brings old world style and quality to the new, fast paced world of the 21st century.

This chalet style clock is made with solid, hand-crafted construction. The lovely painted surfaces stand out in the artful style of chalet cuckoo clocks. A husband and wife
share the chalet with greenery and the cuckoo that makes an appearance every hour to announce the time. This clock also has a manual night-shutoff switch which becomes handy in areas where silence might be needed.

The clock movement is modern quartz which used battery power instead of needing to by wound every day or week.
This if perfect for busy people who want the nostalgia of the cuckoo but may not take the time to wind
it up. While quartz cuckoo clocks do not hold the VDS Certificate by the Black forest Clock Association, they are still made in the Black Forest. Only clocks with mechanical movements receive the VDS certificate. However, the outer quality of the clocks remains the same regardless of internal movement.

Trenkle Uhren has been creating quality cuckoo clocks for more than 3 decades. Their attention to detail and fine workmanship has earned them a place among the best clock makers in the world.

The Cuckoo clock for your home

Published: 12/12/2012

Cuckoo clock by HekasThe cuckoo clock is one thing that holds the attention of everyone, be
it children or adults. The amazing wood work, intricate carvings and the fascinating appearance of a cuckoo that sings every half an hour normally entertains most people.

The Chalet style cuckoo clock with 8 day movement comes, as the name suggested, designed after Chalet houses. This means to say
that the singing cuckoo is housed in a traditional Alpine or Black forest house. This cuckoo clock shows the village scene which depicts a maid ringing the bell in the bell tower. This particular cuckoo clock measures 39 cm in height and 27 cm in width, and weighs 6 kg. It has one moving element, and is equipped with 8 day movement clockwork. This is meant to say that this cuckoo clock is equipped with mechanical movements which require the clock to be wound up every week.
A clock which comes with detailed design, this particular cuckoo
clock consists of a majority of the parts made out of wood. These parts consist of the wooden cuckoo, wooden clock dial and the wooden clock hand. Additionally, it needs specific mention that the figurines featured in the village scene depicted have been hand painted. A clock that has been set up to have the cuckoo call every half and full hour, it comes with a manual night shut off feature. This means that the cuckoo call can be shut off manually during the times you do not want any noise disturbances.

This cuckoo clock is manufactured by Hekas which is a company that has been in business since
1938 and is renowned for its reputation.

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